Erection disability is a problem in which you will lose your erection at that moment of intimacy. This will cause rifts in your relationships. Erection is a sign of manhood, and if you are unable to show your manhood, then you will be taunted and criticized. A person with low erection cannot perform well in bed and so his partner will remain unsatisfied in a relationship. There are chances that his partner will run away from the relationship. It is better to use Cenforce at that time so as to get the energy and show your female partner your manhood. With Cenforce, you would be able to get the ultimate erection and would succeed in your goal of satisfying your partner. This medicine is the popular brand for erection default.

Cenforce is rescue for impotent males, who have an erection problem. This drug causes pumping up of the blood towards the genitals keeping it erected for quite a long time period. You would not have so much fun with a simple erection but more with Cenforce.   

Sildenafil comes as the Generic form of brand Cenforce that works as a PDE5 blocker. As PDE5 functions by breaking down cGMP so the problem of erection failure will arise. Cenforce causes a stoppage in PDE5 function and so there is a boosting up of cGMP number hence increasing vasodilation process. After vasodilation of penile arteries, the blood starts to flow towards the penile causing an erection. This can happen only after you are in the sexually excited state.

 Cenforce 50mg | 100mg | 200mg Tablets

Doses of Cenforce available on our site are as 50mg, 100mg, 150mg and 100mg.

At the peak of intimacy when you want to sustain your erection, you should use up a single pill of the dose suggested by your doctor. Take it prior to 50-60 minutes of physical intimacy sessions. The erection will happen for up to four hours. The action begins within 30 minutes. Take less amount of fatty diet so as to raise the absorption rate of the drug.

Do not ingest alcoholic beverages and grapefruit crushes, as those drinks will bring about your side effects. Nitrate drugs should never be taken, when you are also taking Cenforce, as it will bring about less blood pressure problem. If you observe any allergies with this medicine then stop using it. Briefly explain your medical condition like retinitis pigmentosa, cardiac problem, blood pressure disorder, stroke, hepatic ailment, and renal ailment to your physician. In the case of any drowsiness, you must report to your doctor. Convey your doctor if you see any painful erection. Do not use any other form of ED medication, when you have already engulfed Cenforce.

Some sick effects you will see with Cenforce usage are the nasal decongestion, nausea, swelling of hands or legs, painful and prolonged erection, ringing sound in the ear, stomach upset, giddiness, and blurred vision.

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