Constant Pain is a widespread problem across the world, with an expected one in five adults affected by chronic pain and over 33% living with stark pain. It is usually more common in women as compared to men and develops with increasing age. Persistent pain is defined as pain that continues or develops over a long period of time usually over three months and can range in intensity from mild, to moderate, to severe.

Pain may remain continuous, or it can vary, but it will be present to some amount for long periods of time. Instances of chronic pain include backache, pain due to cancer, arthritis, osteoarthritis, pain after surgery, injury, neuropathic pain etc. Pain can have an overwhelming effect on a sufferer’s quality of life. People suffering from pain experience a much inferior quality of life than the people not suffering from it and they suffer from unease, depression and strain.

People who live constantly in pain, face problems in carrying out everyday activities, are deprived of sleep and face difficulty in carrying out household chores. Pain affects the relationships of the sufferer with family and friends and increases their suicidal tendencies. Uncontrolled pain can have a negative socioeconomic impact on the lives of the patient.

As pain can impact the productivity of the patient, he or she may suffer from financial loss. The patients are unable to work outside of home. As a result, pain is responsible for both financial and social loss. A new study showed that the women suffer from more chronic pain as compared to men and its rate is also higher in older individuals. For example, 1 in 4 women aged 50 years and above are stated to grieve from chronic pain.

Controlling of pain can be supported with physiotherapy, relaxation exercises and psychotherapy. Use of oral analgesics by individuals suffering from pain is usual as they are benign and easy to take.

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Pain is not visible to others who are not suffering from it, and is only felt by the person suffering from it; hence it may be questioned by consultants, coworkers, and even by friends and family. The Pain not only has an undesirable impact on the life of the patients but also those around them. When somebody is suffering from constant agony, feelings of resentment and bitterness starts to develop.

Carisoprodol 500mg is the main constituent present in Soma, which is responsible for all of its medicinal effects. It also has benefits other than analgesic such as antipyretic and analgesic effects.

It is to be taken orally with a glass of water for up to four weeks. The required dose is to be selected according to the severity and type of pain. Do not take more than recommended dose of this drug as overdose of this drug may lead to addiction. So, buy soma 350mg online now from here.

Side effects of this drug are difficulty in breathing; swelling of lips, throat and tongue; faster heart beat and irregular heartbeat; trouble in keeping posture; drowsiness; chest pain; Indistinct vision and seizures and unsteadiness.

Safety Measures:-

  • It is not to be taken by women who are pregnant or breast feeding;
  • It should be stored away from the children and pets;
  • Persons with alcohol or drug abuse history should not take this drug as they are susceptible to get habituated to this drug;
  • If you have renal or hepatic disorder, don’t take this drug;
  • Don’t take this drug if you are suffering from porphyria and convulsions.


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