Erection failure is the inability of young men above 18 years to hold erection while playing intimacy. Usually the erection was supposed to happen as of medical illness of diabetes, heart trouble as it causes poor blood flow. But nowadays, it happens as of life style habit, alcohol, smoking and stress as these also hinders with blood flow and causes erection failure. But, no matter what is causes failure, it is going to affect relationship badly. Hence, do not take erection failure lightly specially when yor are adult enough and take assistance of some erection medication.

Cenforce is one of the trusted products there in the market for the recovery of erectile dysfunction. The drug is one of the trusted options for the recovery of erection failure in the men and it is one of the oldest remedy to heal the trouble. The drug works on the root causes behind erection failure that is poor flow of blood inside penile and results out in the harder penile. The Cenforce drug encloses of the generic Sildenafil citrate as main active component.

Sildenafil the practical moiety start viewing its action by obstructing the functioning of the PDE-5 enzyme. After blocking the PDE-5 enzyme it may avert the cessation of cGMP into the body accountable for blood flow. Along with that, sexual arousal may cause the discharge of nitric oxide and enhance the total amount of cGMP. These further causes blood vessels relaxation and supply enough blood for a hard erection.

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Cenforce oral tablets are available under the dose asset of 50,100 and 150mg. The men have to consume the one dose of Cenforce 60 minutes previous to the lovemaking with an enormous amount of water. The intake of the drug should be done 60 minutes earlier to the intimacy as it consumes 30 minutes for absorption. The lasting action of drug stay for the period of 5 hours, hence one dose of Cenforce is required to take in a day. Do not twofold up the dose to improve efficiency as it may cause extend and painful ejaculation.

Cenforce use in men may produce some opposing effects that include of Dizziness, drowsiness, vision changes, muscle pain, body pain, ringing sound in the ear, painful or prolong ejaculation, chest pain, stomach upset, nasal decongestion, and facial flushing.

Therefore, men taking Cenforce are requested to avoid the ingestion of alcohol, smoking and grapefruit juices to reduce side effects. Do not consume fatty food as it has property to reduce drug absorption. Maintain distance from traffic and machinery work after taking a dose of Cenforce as it has dizziness impact. If suffering from a heart disorder and taking nitrate medication then better to avoid Cenforce as the combination may cause hypotension. Do not ingest Cenforce if you have a medical record of liver, kidney, heart, blood and sensitivity illness.

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