Since the discovery of the drug Suhagra, there has been decrease in erectile dysfunction problem among males. Suhagra is a hard core drug for treating erectile dysfunction problem in man. Men having this problem gets embarrassed to talk to a doctor and even with their mates. It is important to address serious underlying condition behind erectile dysfunction. There are prime two causes of erectile dysfunction, one is psychological and the other is medical. Suhagra ( PDE5 inhibitor) is the first line treatment for curing erectile dysfunction.

A single touch stimulates brain which in turn triggers our hormones and nervous system, function of both of which leads to a gush of blood flow towards penile. But due to some reason such as anxiety, it suppresses this coordination. There are multiple stressful events which may be the cause of ED. Erectile dysfunction sinks patients self-esteem, can cause an emotional outburst. I am a gynecologist and I daily receive many phone calls from patients suffering from ED, Some patients come to my clinic for suggestions. I whole and solely recommend them to use Suhagra for treating erectile dysfunction. According to my personal observation, Suhagra has helped a lot of my ED patients, by bringing them out from this impotent tag. So before your relationship breaks, it is better to buy Suhagra from our site at an economical price.

Suhagra has the main ingredient as Sildenafil citrate. Sildenafil citrate maintains an erection in man while sexual performance. The high amount of cGMP in smooth muscles helps in vasodilation. Sildenafil stops the degradation of cGMP and hence increases the level of cGMP in smooth muscles of penile. Due to vasodilation, a heavy flow of blood rushes towards penile tissues. Suhagra is effective only when one becomes sexually excited.

The dose of Suhagra prescribed by a doctor for erectile dysfunction is 50 mg. Take one tablet of 50 mg with water one hour before going for sexual performance. The maximum recommended dose is 100 mg. Do not double the dose in between 24 hours as it can be fatal.  

Avoid in patients who are allergic to this drug. Do not take nitrate form of drugs as it may lead to hypotension. Contraindicate in patients who are suffering from cardiac problems. Never ignore side effects such as urinary tract infection, dyspepsia, nasal congestion, dizziness, respiratory tract infection, back pain, abnormal vision, and flu syndrome. Brief out your medical history to the doctor if you are suffering from angina, leukemia, ulcers, deformed penile, severe vision loss, kidney disorder, high blood pressure, stroke, and liver disorder.  

Suhagra may cause dizziness, so avoid taking alcohol and never drive. It may be very risky to take Suhagra in cardiac patients. Contraindicate high doses in patients who are more than 65 years. Not to be taken with protease inhibitors or alpha blockers. Keep out of reach of children. Men who suffer from hypertension should consult a doctor before using Suhagra.  It is widely and effectively used drug for treating erectile problems