In today's fashion world, beauty and personality are the most important, which plays a significant role in the beauty of the face and eyes. From a normal individual to celebrity of the film industry, all wants beautiful face and eyes. Everyone wants good looking and eye catching personality. Every female is concerned about her personality and look.

Whenever, you see the look, personality and beauty of any favorite celebrity, then you also want to try to make your look attractive. The most important part, which enhances the beauty of your eyes and face, is eyelashes. But, due to harmful chemicals of mascara, kajal, eyeliner, dust, mist, allergens, UV rays, our beautiful eyelashes may fall out. Due to deficiency of eyelashes, individual feel very disappointed. Here, I recommend you Careprost eye drops, which is one of the best, effective and trendy eyelash enhancer. It is completely safe and doesn't cause any side effects after application.

When you make a plan for any party or occasion, then start the application of this eye drop get hottest, sizzling and beautiful eyelashes. You can get lots of compliments from your partner, friends and colleagues.

Dual actions and application of Careprost Eye Drops

Generic Bimatoprost is a main pharmaceutical ingredient found in this ophthalmic preparation and it is an analogue of prostaglandin derivative. Generic Bimatoprost Eye Drops is used to treat different eye disorders like hypotrichosis and glaucoma.

Before using this eye drop, Remove all eye makeup and wash your eyes with a sufficient amount of water.

For hypotrichosis

This eye drop should be always applied with the assist of sterile applicator and put a single drop of eye medication on sterile applicator and carefully draw a thin line along the rim of the upper eyelids and then close your eyes for 1to2 minutes.

Generic Bimatoprost treat hypotrichosis, i.e. deficiency of eyelashes. It stimulates the growth of hair of the upper eyelid and improves the volume, thickness, length and dark color of eyelashes. For getting desired outcomes, you should use Careprost eye drop regularly for 12 to 14 weeks without any gap. After getting the actual growth, no need to stop the application suddenly.

For glaucoma

Slightly tilt your head backside, pull your lower eyelid, make a pouch shape structure and allow a one drop of medication into your eyes. Close your eyes for 1to2 minutes after use.

Generic Bimatoprost decreases elevated pressure within the eyes and prevent the damaging of the optic nerve of eye and save your loss of vision.

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