Careprost Eye Drops is an Ophthalmic Preparation that contains generic Bimatoprost, which is used to treat various anomalies that happen in eyes like open-angle glaucoma and increased intra ocular pressure or hypertension that are experienced in older aged peoples. Generic Bimatoprost is also helpful in the patient suffering hypotrichosis condition where eye lash density is very low and helps the patient to attain healthy longer, darker and longer eye lashes. Careprost is available in 0.03% 3 ml bottles.

The drug generic drug belongs to Prostaglandin analogue to control IOP.  Which is the second most reason for vision loss, this vision lost is due to damaging of Optic nerve that perceives the image and visualization to the brain. Careprost Eye Drops is US FDA approved drug.

The thing that concern person suffering glaucoma that this disease is "silent killer for sight" as patient does not sense the pain in open angle glaucoma and this over time goes on increasing and turning blurred vision, redness and permanent damage to vision. Disease is potentiating to bring loss of vision.  Basically drug focus on increased IOP the drug helps the individual by decreasing the liquid present in aqueous humor, in glaucoma patient has increasing liquid inside the Aqueous humor. Normally this liquid used to discharge through Trabecular meshwork via schlemm's canal into scleral plexuses and general blood circulation.

How Careprost Eye Drops Helps The Patient Suffering Glaucoma?

Careprost Eye Drops acts similar to natural prostaglandin, increases outflow of the liquid from the Trabecular meshwork through schlemm's canal. The drug increases the hair growth of eye lashes by increasing the cell growth phase, darkening and thickening of eye lashes.

Careprost Eye Drops

Contraindications Of Careprost Eye Drops

If patient is allergic to the ingredient of Careprost eye drop. Patient has any other eye infection or patient had recent eye drop. Children below 18 year should not use the drug. Women planning to be pregnant or pregnant should not take the medicine. Nursing and lactating mother should not take the medicine.

Careprost Eye Drops should not be taken with some drugs like Latanoprost, Travoprost and alcohol based product and nicotinic content and Caffeine intake should be avoided as it may affect the drug action and bring some side effects or increase the side effects of the drug or patient having other medicine for other eye infections.

One should keep the ophthalmic preparation in sterile and safe condition so some following storage conditions should be maintained:

Store Careprost Eye Drops in cool and shady place at temperature around 15⁰C -30⁰C, keep the container cap air tight after use. Once open use the bottle in 15 day of opening the seal.

How To Use Careprost Eye Drops And Mode Of Administration

Ophthalmic preparation is applied topically near by the eye lashes. The drug should be used once in a day with the help of sterile applicator. It is also recommended to use it at bed time.

The effective result can be experienced in 2 months although the drug prophylaxis recommends it for 3 to 4 months to get enhanced effect of the therapy.

Always use the drug at same time intervals as usual days this will prevent the missing of dose. One should take the medication as per doctors or medical practitioner guidance. Never apply over or large amount of drug that may bring overdosing symptoms like pain in eyes, swelling of eyes and redness which might bring into headache and vision disturbances.

Things To Take Care While One Is Using Careprost Eye Drops

Maintain hygiene while using the drug like washing hand before using the medication as eye is very sensitive organ and prior to get infection while using ophthalmic preparations. One must not touch the tip of bottle and applicator. Replace the bottle cap tight to maintain the sterility of the drug. Wash the makeup before using the drug and one should remove the contact lenses while using eye drop.

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