As you all know very well that sexual disorder is a slow poison, which can gradually kill your healthy and happy sexual relationship. In current days, due to poor or insufficient supply of blood man faces lots of difficulty in achieving and maintaining erection during intercourse. So, it is very important to manage your sexual dysfunction before it creates problems for you. If you want to strengthen your intimacy session and satisfy your partner with your satisfactory foreplay then, you should choose a best and effective medicine for your sexual disorders.

 Cenforce 200mg is one of the leading ED medications, which gains lots of popularity and appreciation from many impotent guys in resolving the problem of erection.

 Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a condition in which a man is not capable to attain and keep an appropriate penile erection during intimacy session and drop the satisfaction and pleasure of intimacy session. As a result, man is incapable to satisfy the sexual needs of the partner. ED is a relationship wrecker and it affects female partner, it creates disappointed, distressed or discomfort conditions for couples.

 Normally, erection problem may diagnose at the age between 40 to 60 years. The main factors are responsible for erection failure are physical, psychological, and unhealthy lifestyle. But, among them main reason of erection failure is low blood supply towards male’s genitals.


Cenforce for your healthy copulation


Therapeutic functions and doses of Cenforce-

Generic Sildenafil citrate an active component of Cenforce works by inhibiting the functions of PDE type-5 enzyme and increases the blood supply towards men’s reproductive region. On the other hands, Cenforce effectively works in the case of sexually stimulated men.

 It is strictly recommended you to take single Cenforce tablet prior to 50minutes of sexual intercourse by mouth with plenty of water. It should be administered with or without food, but you should escape the consumption of high fat containing food while using Cenforce as it may reduce the rate of bioavailability of drugs. Only one tablet is sufficient for one day and no need to take an excess amount of Cenforce as it cause overdose and severe complications.

 While administering Cenforce, you may face various undesirable effects like severe headache, drowsiness, shallow breathing, chest pain, skin rashes, muscle pain, tachycardia and bradycardia (irregular heartbeat).

 While using Cenforce, you should follow some safety tips-

  • Cenforce is not prescribed in case of hypersensitivity towards generic Sildenafil citrate, kidney disorder, liver dysfunction, cardiac disorder and any form of genital deformity.
  • Avoid smoking and use of alcohol with Cenforce as it may aggravate the adverse effects of Cenforce.
  • Intake of Anti-anginal drugs are not to be taken with Cenforce as it severely drop your blood pressure.
  • Individuals under the age of 18 years should not take Cenforce.
  • Grapes and grapefruit juice delay the functions of Sildenafil, so avoid using them.
  • Avoid driving and any other activities is strictly not allowed as it may cause drowsiness and affect your ability to drive.

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