Muscle aches, or myalgia, are tremendously common condition happening nowadays. Nearly everybody has knowledgeable discomfort in their muscles at some point in life. Muscle pain usually happening as of extreme stress, physical activity, and tension. Sometimes medical condition is also associated with muscle pain as of fibromyalgia, flu, bacterial infection, thyroid problem and low level of potassium in the body. Usually, people take painkiller at home or try to do some exercise to get rid of the pain. However, if all this efforts proof useless then you must have to take OTC drug Soma for muscle pain. The drug works well on all kind of muscle ache and provides you the instant relief. 


Soma is one of the reputed medicaments used in the treatment of muscle pain. The drug cures the muscle pain happening as of muscle spasm, muscle stiffness and or happening as of muscle injury or accident. The drug is ingested along with rest and physical therapy for the treatment of muscle pain. If you are experiencing muscle pain as of old injury then Soma medication helps you to recover the same pain. The drug has the best benefit over another painkiller as of its fewer side effects property. 


Soma encloses of Carisoprodol as a main functional moiety. The energetic moiety Carisoprodol falls under the grouping of muscle relaxant and considered to work on the central nervous system for muscle pain improvement. The drug topmost action is to block the transmission joining the nervous system and pain realization to bequeath with a soothing and calming effect. Consequently, it works as a tranquillizing of the central nervous system to produce the soothing and calming effect. 


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Soma oral tablets are accessible as of 350 mg and 500mg dosage form. The use of dosage depends upon the patient condition or as prescribed by the doctor. If your doctor recommends you the dose of 350mg then you have to gulp down the medication three times a day with the enormous amount of water by maintaining regular gap of 5 hours between subsequent dosage. If taking a dose of 500mg then you have to take the medication two times a day with a gap of 6-7 hours between two dosages. The maximum dose of 1400mg can be ingested once in a day. The treatment should not be exceeded by 4 weeks as it may cause drug dependency. 


The user of Soma may notice some adverse effects like as of dizziness, drowsiness, headache, blurry vision, agitation, overactive reflexes, fast heart rate and loss of coordination. 


The user of Soma must have to avoid the driving and machinery work after drug intake as it may cause dizziness effect. The person must have to avoid the intake of alcohol while taking Soma. Do not take Soma medication if you are receptive to Carisoprodol or suffering from liver, kidney, heart and blood complications. You must have to consult with the doctor before taking medication if you have a history of drug addiction or alcohol addiction. 


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