Anxiety hits people due to no specific reason it just simply happens when the person has no strong bonding to the mind and the soul. Anxiety is a state in which the person loses the ability to make decisions and felt horrified due to enormous reasons that run in the background of the mind.

Anxiety brings nervousness, fear, distress, the emergence of horrified thoughts and sometimes makes you go numb due to reasons that are mostly intangible means fear from factors or things that in real do not exist. The disorder to anxiety has unique characteristics means the more you try to avoid it more you encounter yourself embedded into it.

Instead of avoiding the situations to anxiety person must try to fight with it and throw it out of your body forever by taking medications that consist of therapeutic ingredient Alprazolam. The most sold brand under this generic is Xanax and it falls to the therapeutic category of Benzodiazepines.

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The medicine has the unique ability to balance the unbalanced chemicals in and out of the brain and causing the hyperpolarization of the excited nerve fibers that are present in the brain by facilitating the opening of chloride ion channels located within the nerves. Therefore, in this manner, the patient gets overruled to their anxious mental state. As Xanax binds non-specifically with both the benzodiazepines, receptors present in the body so the person gets an extra advantage as he gets relaxation to his muscles, able to get sound sleep, which they were being deprived of the longer time. Medicine slows down the surge of the certain chemical from the brain to stabilize those chemicals that get unstable. Thus, calms the patient from anxiety or anxiety caused due to depression.

Patient under anxiety must consume 2mg of Xanax tabs. for two times in a day orally with ample amount of water and must continue the use of therapy for duration minimum 4-10 weeks depending on the complexity of anxiety. The maximum dose of Alprazolam that can be tolerated by the patient is 4mg whereas those who suffer from panic episodes of anxiety can consume to the max dose of 10mg daily but into divided doses. 

Some unavoidable adverse effects to Xanax includes are muscle fatigue, ataxia, visual disturbance, Gastric disturbance and upset digestion, lower sexual appeal, jaundice, confusion, depression, headache, vertigo, and drowsiness. Long-term intake of this medicine might develop swelling of the face, lips, tongue, and throat.

Preventive measures that are crucial to being followed to be rid of any side effects includes omission from booze, cigarette smoke, and beverages that encase grapefruit juice and caffeine. Women pregnant and those who are trying to conceive and those are breastfeeding their children must not consume the medicine without seeking the advice of the physician. Patients are suggested to not to perform any strenuous mental task or operate any machinery after taking the medication.

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