Fildena is the world’s most popular medication among the young men for attaining the tough erection on bed while playing intimacy.  The start producing its magic as it enters into the men body and results out in the memorable intimacy. The main reason behind erection failure is poor flow of blood in the penile and it usually happens as of stress, work pressure, some kind of drug intake causes poor blood flow, alcohol intake, smoking, and body weight, poor eating habit and cholesterol issues. These all may interfere with blood activity and may causes soft erection. Thus, if these are only the mere reason behind men erection failure then must have to take care about these things and should work on it and have to take help of erection medication as they works on the blood flow activity in penile are and creates tough erection. Numbers of erection medication are there in the market and Fildena comes under the same and produces tougher erection. Fildena is one of the popular and safest drugs to be taken if you really wish to have tougher erection on bed for pleasing intercourse. The Fildena drug makes out your erection rigid and hard that it makes your women to fall for you on bed and yell out your name while getting intimate.

Sildenafil the functional component comes under PDE-5 enzyme inhibitor and start producing its action by blocking the functioning of PDE-5 enzyme. The blockage may prevents the depletion of cGMP in the body and sexual stimulation produces nitric oxide in the body, which further raises the level of CGMP.  It results out in the relaxation of blood vessels to provide large quantity of blood and tougher erection.

Fildena medication is easily accessible under measurement of 50mg and 100mg. The men is suggested to surprise their treatment with a minor dose of 50mg and only take it 100mg if do not perceive any effect. The one dose of Fildena is obligatory to consume in a day orally with sufficient amount of water and better to have 60 minutes earlier to lovemaking. The drug twitches its action in 30 minutes and stops over in the body for the retro of 5 hence. Hereafter, consume the dose as suggested once in 24 hours and do not try to double up the dose.

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Some men have stated annoying contrary effects like as of facial flushing, dizziness, chest pain, body pain, drowsiness, ringing sound in the ear, nasal decongestion, headache, and stomach upset. The severe effects happen of prolong or painful ejection when men consume the drug overdose.

The use of Alcohol, fatty food and grapefruit juices should be prohibited if you are taking Fildena else it may causes side effects. Do not mix the nitrate derivative and Fildena as it may causes sudden drop in blood pressure. Take caution while drive and performing machinery work as drug has dizziness activity.

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