Physical intimacy is believed and supposed to be the pleasurable experience, but this seems to be difficult to feel intimidating or desired with your partner when you are in the cage of performance anxiety in bed. This is the most common reaction or says response when you are lacking the ability of attaining and sustaining the hard erection while doing sexual intimacy. Sometimes, you even try to avoid the intimacy but that makes your partner distressing and unsatisfied.

When you are facing the constant issue of erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence while making love, then you repeatedly starts thinking about this that arouse your anxiety level. Thus, discussing with your partner is a relaxing option that you can combine with the dose of Filitra medication, which helps to break this anxiety of performance by making you capable of completing the satisfying intimacy.

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Filitra description:

Filitra is a widely proven medication for adult men in order to improve the sexual playing that is hampered due to erectile failures or impotence while lovemaking with the partner. Filitra brand is made for generic Vardenafil, which assists in improving your sexual playing with the partner in bed by treating your condition of erectile dysfunction (ED). Failure in achieving and sustaining the stiff erection while making love is a very distressing situation for men that cause the anxiety of performance. Thus, Filitra makes possible to finish this anxiety of sexual playing.

Working action of Filitra:

Vardenafil present in Filitra is a moiety from the category of PDE-5 inhibitors, which is effective in inhibiting the function of the PDE-5 enzyme so that destruction of cGMP can be prevented. Consequently, the level of cGMP increases, which helps to widen the constricted blood vessels by combining with nitric oxide released once you are sexually aroused. Thus, this helps in boosting the blood circulation to the erectile organ for achieving and maintaining the sturdy erection to make a satisfactory lovemaking.

Dosing schedule of Filitra:

Filitra oral dose comes with Filitra 10mg, Filitra 20mg, and Filitra 40mg strengths. A single dose of Filitra of advised dose is needed to be taken orally with water and with or without the food at approximate 45minutes before sexual playing. Filitra once consumed will starts to act within 30minutes of ingestion nest for next 4-5hours in your blood. Thus, you need to be just sexually excited to enjoy Filitra effects. Do remember not to repeat the dose for the 24-hour duration of taking the previous pill else, priapism can happen.

Consuming grapefruit products and high fatty meal with Filitra medication results in low absorption of medicine so this should be avoided. Some temporary side effects are observed with the use of Filitra medication as nausea, headache, blurred vision, dizziness, muscle pain, back pain, indigestion, redness of the face, runny nose, and indigestion.

  • Filitra is a contradictory medication in case you have any medical issue regarding genitals, liver, heart, hypersensitivity, kidney, blood pressure, or bleeding disorder.
  • Filitra is not for the males who are below to 18years or above to 65years of age.
  • Combining Filitra drug with any nitrate moiety can lead to lower the blood pressure.
  • Alcohol intake with Filitra medicine can aggravate the adverse effects of the drug, so should be prevented to use alcohol.

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