In current scenario, Cenforce 100mg is one of the smart choices of impotent men who are facing erection failure. According to recent survey it is estimated that, almost 80% men are suffering from erectile malfunctioning issues due to unhealthy life style, hustle-bustle of life, and various types of medical problems. Erection problem destroys the healthy and happy sexual relationship of couples, it demolishes love, romance and affection from the individuals that results in boring sexual life. Gradually, boring sexual life leads breakup, splitting of relations and divorce.

Erection problem is defined as a condition in which a man is facing difficulty in achieving and maintaining an appropriate penile erection during intimate moments due to insufficient blood supply towards male genitals. This disorder is more rapidly spread in young people, which is caused due to various psychological and physical reasons like anxiety, stress, tension, low confidence, low level of testosterone hormone, multiple sclerosis, atherosclerosis, renal or hepatic dysfunction, cardiac disorder, breathing disorder, and lack of mutual understanding between couples.

Now, have a look on functioning of Cenforce-

Centurain Cenforce contains generic Sildenafil citrate, which is a potent PDE type-5 inhibitor. Sildenafil exhibits its therapeutic function by inhibiting the functions of PDE type-5 enzyme and improve blood supply towards male reproductive region and creates stiffer and harder erection in men. Cenforce is also indicated to manage pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) in men.

 Cenforce 50mg | 100mg Tablets

Dosing of Cenforce-

Commercially, the available strengths of Cenforce are 50mg, 100mg, 150mg, and 200mg. An impotent man should take a single Cenforce tablet previous to 50 minutes of sexual intercourse. After proper intake of Cenforce, a man can enjoy his intimate moments for 6to7 hours. Swallow the whole tablet with full glass of water with or without foodstuffs.

Cenforce is not safe and effective for every men, it is strictly inadvisable for those men who are facing hypersensitivity towards generic Sildenafil citrate, renal or hepatic dysfunction, cardiac disorder, breathing disorder, and any kind of penile deformity.

Important safety guidelines-

  • Avoid using high fat containing meals with Cenforce as it may disturb the rate of bioavailability of medicine.
  • Avoid taking grapefruit and its containing beverages as it may postpone the therapeutic actions of Cenforce.
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption is strictly imprudent with Cenforce.
  • Adolescents below the age of 18 years should not take Cenforce.
  • Driving should be strictly forbidden after intake of Cenforce as it may cause drowsiness effects and influence your ability to drive.

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