Want to be blow up in bed, Then Cenforce medication could heat up your sexual life. Cenforce becomes the popular medication among the men since 1988 for the management of erectile dysfunction. The small pill of Cenfoce works as a magic in the men and turn out their soft penile to the harder one. This small pill is made from Sildenafil whose main working action is to enhance the flow of blood to the penile organ.

Sildenafil citrate present in the medication comes under the class of PDE-5 enzyme inhibitor. The drug main working action is to block the functioning of PDE-5, which is accountable for the collapse of substance cGMP into the body. Sildenafil secure the breakdown of cGMP and causes the release of nitric oxide into the body. This nitric oxide further causes the relaxation of smooth muscles and hence increases the amount of blood flow in the penile organ. Thus, men get the firm erection during sexual stimulation when his penile are filled with blood properly.

Erectile dysfunction is a very common problem in young men nowadays. Four out of 10 men are facing the complications of poor erection in their intimate life. Age is not the only factor for erection failure; however, various other physiological issues are there behind of erection failure. These factors include of medical issues, stress, poor health, relationship conflicts, obesity, drinking and smoking habit and life style.

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All these issues cause the contraction of blood vessels into the penile and give raises the poor flow of blood in the penile. Thus, the various alternatives is there for attaining harder erection which causes enhance blood flow as of Wally wally up exercise, stretches for penis, length extender, kegel exercise and Jelquing Exercises. These all kind of exercises help the men to attain harder erection without any curl in penile. However, some men find this exercise time consuming and feel embarrassed while performing and look for the medical help. In that particular situation, the use of Cenforce medication is the best alternative left in men hands.

Cenforce oral small tablets are accessible into the strength of Cenforce 50 mg, Cenforce 100 mg, Cenforce 150  mg, and Cenforce 200 mg. the impotent men can initiate their treatment with low dose of 50mg and can augment it up to a higher dose of 200mg. the men have to consume one dose of recommended strength orally, once in a day with sufficient amount of water. The drug is required to take 60 minutes former to the intimacy and drug effective action lasts into the body for the duration of 30 minutes. The effectual action of pill nest into the body for the period of 5 hours, thus men have to take only one small pill once in a day.

Cenforce pill may cause some adverse effects as of muscle pain or spasm, chest pain, nasal decongestion, facial flushing, dizziness, drowsiness, vision changes, stomach upset, body pain and a ringing sound in the ear. Hence, men should have to elude the intake of high fatty food, alcohol, grapefruit juices and nitrate derivative. Do not participate in the activity that needs attention or mind alertness.

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