Are you someone who always wants to look prim and proper? You are someone who always wants to be the center of attraction and charm everyone with your beauty. However, the biggest hurdle on your way of becoming beautiful is your thin and sparse eyelashes. Your dull eyelashes do not let any eye makeup look good on you. Wearing false lashes daily is not your cup of tea and going for eyelash extension is clearly out of your budget. In such a case your only savior is Careprost eye drops. These eye drops will make sure your eyelashes are elongated and thick without being too heavy in your pocket.

What Is Careprost Eye Drops ?

Careprost eye drops are an astounding solution to treat the problem of hypotrichosis in adults. This medication treats the problem of short and sparse eyelashes and makes them long, thick and beautiful to look at. Careprost eye drops are also proficient in treating open-angle glaucoma in adults. Careprost eye drop embodies Bimatoprost as the main active constituent. Bimatoprost in hypotrichosis functions by modifying the phases of hair growth cycle, it increases the anagen phase, whereas decreases the telogen phase of the eyelash growth cycle. Bimatoprost also functions in open-angle glaucoma by decreasing the intraocular pressure by increasing the drainage of aqueous humor from the eyes. Buy Bimatoprost eye drops online in USA from our web store - Best247Chemist.

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Careprost eye drops are available in the market in a dosing strength of 0.03%w/v.

To treat the condition of open-angle glaucoma you must first make sure that your hands are clean and dry, then put a single drop of Careprost eye drops in the affected eye by pulling the lower eyelid and forming a pocket. Close your eyes for 15 seconds. Repeat the same procedure in the other eye as well.

To treat hypotrichosis take Careprost eye drops with an applicator brush and apply it evenly on your upper eyelid closer to the lash line. Close your eyes for 15 seconds. Repeat the same process in the other eye also.

Noxious effects generally occurring with the use of Careprost eye drops are burning and stinging sensation in the eyes, excessive watering of the eyes, itching of the eyes, feeling of having something in your eyes and redness of eyes.

Preventive measures that should be taken with the use of Careprost eye drops are avoiding its use in case you are allergic to any of the constituent presents in this medication. Do not attempt visually alerting tasks such as driving while using this medication. Remove the contact lenses before using this medication. You must wait for at least 15 minutes before re-inserting the contact lenses again after using this medication. Do not use any other ophthalmic product concomitantly with Careprost eye drops. Pregnant women and lactating mothers are advised to consult their doctor before using this medication. A person below the age of 18 years should not use Careprost eye drops.

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