EYES have different views depending on the situation like:

• When a person prays to his GOD then the eyes automatically is closed.
• When you are with your lover, then EYES enlighten with happiness.
• When you are angry on a person your EYES start becoming Red
• When you do a mistake, EYES automatically starts looking down.
• It is better to say that EYES are the other name of LOVE.

In short, you can say that eye speaks the language of the heart. If you are feeling happy inside the bottom of, it can be seen through your eyes. If there is any sadness that makes a place in your heart, then your eyes reflect it. How much a person tries to hide it, but eyes tell everything.

EYES are the beautiful creation of GOD that is gifted to all persons to make them beautiful. However, with the passage of time, due to the use of cosmetics or artificial products, we lose the beauty of eyes. Our eyes do not look beautiful when we have a small or light color eyelash that makes a person look bad. In the advancement of modern technology, to get beautiful eyes is in everyone's hand with Careprost eye drops.


Careprost eye drops give dazzling looks to eyes by enhancing the eye lashes growth and darkness. Due to this, you steal everyone's attention by your beauty. Apart from its wonderful effect, it has a medicinal effect on open angle glaucoma and the increased pressure inside the eye.

Bimatoprost is the main compound responsible for the activity of Careprost eye drops. A Prostaglandin analog (Bimatoprost) augments the steady flow of the aqueous humor out of the eyeball by reducing the rate of formation of aqueous humor in the eye. In this way, it reduces intraocular pressure. This solution enhances the anagen phase of the eye by minimizing the telogen phase of growth of eyelashes.  Buy Generic  Bimatoprost Eye Drops online at Cheap price.

Dosage for open-angle glaucoma: Instill one drop of Careprost eye drop in the eye pocket at nighttime before going to sleep, daily.

The method of application for long-darken eyelash: Wash your hands and face by the help of a gentle soap and water. Using a sterile applicator start apply a single drop of Careprost eye drop on upper eyelash, from inside to outside of eyelash line. Wipe off the extra medical solution spread outside the eye with a dry tissue. For attaining maximum benefits, use it per day for 12-16 weeks.

Negative effects of Careprost eye drops include dried out eyes, red eyes, burning, unclear vision, darkening of eyelids, pigmentation of the iris, or deepen in feeling to light.

Be safe:

• Never touch the tip of the dropper to make it safe from contamination.
• Careprost eye drops are not intended to use in case of the missing eye lens.
• Remove the contact lenses before applying Careprost eye drops as it may cause unwanted harm to the eyes.
• Do not use Careprost eye drops for more than once a day; otherwise, it may reduce intraocular pressure minimizing effects.