Your eyes are the window to know about your age. When anyone asks about your age, the eye area is the biggest influences. When you start to get old, the area around your eyes gets blackened and wrinkles start to appear. Your eyelashes lose their density. To make your eyes beautiful, you try different eye care products. Eyes are the most charming feature of one's personality. To gain this attractiveness, you spend lots of money on different eye care products. These eye care solutions not only have harmful effects but also are costly. Even the effect of those is not permanent.

People having hypotrichosis want a solution for their eyelashes. "Hypotrichosis" is a condition in which there is a lack of eyelashes. Such people can grow their eyelashes back with Careprost eye drops. These eye drops are most effective in growing out eyelash that is stronger. With denser eyelashes, your eyes will be magnetic. You could be able to gain the confidence back in your life. Now you can have good eye contacts with the person you love. Careprost will begin to show its action within 8 to 12 weeks of its use. Buy Careprost Eye Drops Online from our stores in Chicago, Houston, New York, San Francisco, San Jose and other major cities in USA. 

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Read out the below blog to know more about Careprost eye drops, its mode of action, contraindication, safety precautions, dosage information, and side effects.

Our lashes have a cycle containing three phases and it takes 5 to 12 months to completely grow them. In Anagen phase, our hair starts growing longer and lasts for about one to two months. After completion of this stage, Catagen stage starts that lasts for 15 days. Thereafter come Telogen phase in which lash remains inside the skin. Once Anagen starts, the new hair starts to push the older hair out from the follicle. Careprost generic Bimatoprost works by making the lash stay in anagen phase for a longer time that increases lash growing time and so develops longer stronger lashes. The intensity of lash goes faster and fall out of old lash is slower.

You may see slight growth in four weeks and complete results are shown after a period of 16 weeks. The important issue is that you ought to follow its correct dose pattern. It is advised that before you start using Careprost eye solutions, clean your hands properly, and take out small slight drop on the applier. Gradually start using it from the bottom of lashes of each eye. Make your eyes shut for quite a few time so that it gets applied towards lower lashes. Remove the surplus of the drops with the assistance of tissue paper. It is seen that you just ought to apply it once daily before you sleep.

Medical conditions in which Careprost is not used:

  • You should not use it, when you have any allergies with it.
  • Do not use of you have recent eye surgery or eye inflammation.

Safety tips to follow:

  • It is required to take out your contact lenses before the use of Careprost eye drops.
  • Do not touch the tip of applier and bottle, as this may cause contamination.
  • If you have to put any other eye drops then keep a gap of 5 minutes between them.

Some side effects with Careprost eye drops are feeling of something within the eye, redness, sensitivity to light, vision changes, itchiness of eye, burning sensation, eye discharge, dryness, and darkening of protective fold skin.

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