Eyes are the mode to express the feeling what the soul is experiencing but the way of communication of eyes is silent but has more impact than the words we use for the same. We can easily manipulate our words but we cannot manipulate are feelings. One can hide their pain, anger, grief, joy or can say any intentions by selecting few words whilst the time of communication but our eyes reveal the truth. They speak out each and everything true. They lack the power of manipulation, they can't lie, they always speak the truth from the soul and most important you cannot stop them from communicating. The importance of eyes is commendable when talking about their function, which is to "see". The person without visibility is just like half dead, you can feel, hear and speak but what is the use if you cannot see. Not this, eyes also plays a commendable role in your life, means it selects the trustworthy and loving partner for you.

The beauty of eyes plays a crucial role in your persona enhancement. Long, hazy and dark colored eyelashes add stars to the beauty of the eyes and to the overall personality of the person. Taking the assistance of the beauty of your eyelashes, you can easily make your guy go insane for you and not only this but the naturally beautiful eyelashes can also bank your valuable time that you invest to put on false eyelashes. You can take your natural eyelash anywhere without protecting them under the shade of Sunglasses, which is not the case with false eyelashes. As, you can lose them in high windy airs, drop them whilst sitting by the side of the bonfire, washing your face or in rain, while wiping out the tears, this really can become a very embarrassing situation for you to tackle. So, it's high time to cure your condition of hypotrichosis of eyelashes with the aid of the medical product called Latisse Eye Drop.

Latisse Eye Drops

Latisse eye drop embodies Bimatoprost, a prostaglandin analog as its active module, which when applied using an applicator brush over the upper eyelid enhances the Anagen phase of the hair growth cycle (eyelash) and shortens the Telogen phase. To improve, the length, density and color of the eyelash when applied for the stretched duration of four weeks but the complete effect can be attained up to 16 weeks usage of the medication. Use the ophthalmic solution in nighttime before going to bed for the sleep.

As a precaution, a person should apply the ophthalmic solution over their eyes by washing their hands and taking off any traces of makeup and the contact lenses, they are wearing in their eyes. Maintain the lapse of minimum 10 minutes between two different eye medications. Prevent touching this solution over any other region of the skin else might develop hair growth. Do not let the solution go into a mucosal opening region like nose, eyes, mouth and lips. Never touch the tip of container or applicator with hands.

Some side effects that can occur after the usage of this medication are redness, itching, dryness, mild burning, vision changes, feeling of something in the eye, enhanced eye discharge, increased sensitivity to light, darkening of the region under the eyelid skin.

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