Asthma is a chronic disease that occurs due to inflammation and narrowing of lung airways or bronchial tubes. In case of asthmatic problem, your lung airways are always inflamed and condition become worse even when something triggers the symptoms, which make it difficult to breathe properly due to restrictions of air in and out passage that leads to cough, wheezing, chest tightness and shortness of breath.

Asthma can be of many types such as exercise induced, occupational, childhood or allergic asthma.

Advair Diskus in the form of inhaled powder through mouth inhalation is an efficient solution to treat asthma and helps to decrease lung inflammation that can cause breathing problems and also helps to relax muscles around lungs to prevent symptoms of cough, wheezing, chest tightness and shortness of breath.

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What it contains and how it works?

Advair Diskus contains two generic medications- Fluticasone and Salmeterol to treat asthma in patients aged 4 years and above.

Fluticasone is a synthetic corticosteroid that reduces the irritation and swelling of airways with its anti-inflammatory activity.

Salmeterol is a long acting beta agonist that opens up the lung airways and helps in easy breathing during asthma.

How you should use it?

Advair Diskus is available as inhalation powder with a special inhaler device pre loaded with blister packs containing Fluticasone/Salmeterol that should be inhaled as 1 inhalation two times a day through oral inhaled route only. It is available in strength of 100/50, 250/50 and 500/50 mcg per blister containing Fluticasone/Salmeterol oral formulation for inhalation.

Steps to use Advair Diskus-

  • First take out the Diskus from foil pouch just before its use.
  • Open the Diskus by holding carefully in your hand.
  • Then slide the lever until you hear a click sound and use it in a level and flat position.
  • After that inhale the medicine by mouth but do not exhale the medicine in the device and remove it after use.
  • Do not breathe in through your nose.
  • Hold on your breath for about 10 seconds, then close the Diskus and rinse your mouth.

Do not take the inhaler apart and never wash the mouth piece or any part of the device.

Contraindications with the use of Advair Diskus include people who are hypersensitive to it or any of its components, patients of medical known history of tuberculosis, herpes, liver, high blood pressure disease, patients of eye problems, diabetes, or hyperthyroidism and females who are pregnant or breast feeding. 

There are some undesirable effects also of it than you may suffer with its use like headache, stomach upset, throat irritation, mood change, chest pain, dizziness, or it may slow down the growth of children.

Take some preventive measures with the use of it that includes -

  • Try to avoid smoke, dust, molds or these will increases the risk of asthma or breathing problems.
  • It is not used for sudden asthma or acute bronchospasm.
  • Avoid in contact with eyes.
  • It may interact with some other medicines like anti fungal, anti HIV, macrolide antibiotics, so try to avoid co administration.

Where you can buy Advair Diskus?

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