Pain is a feeling which is experienced by every individual at a varied degree, i.e. this may range from feelings of dull agony to sharp and also ranges from acute to chronic condition. Soma 350 mg is an efficient medicine to treat various ranges of pain successfully.

Pain is a disagreeable and obnoxious feeling of sensory and emotional experience, which may arise when people get older or suffer from other health issues. Various types of pain are muscle pain, neck pain, back pain, joint pain and pain in limbs. Muscle pain is the most widespread type of pain which may occur due to the damage in the muscles.

Types of muscle pain:

  • Acute pain: It is sharp pain that occurs suddenly and last for short period of time, like broken bones and injury.
  • Chronic pain: It is more severe than acute pain and lasts for several months, like arthritis and cancer pain.

Causes of muscle pain:

  • Muscle stress, strain and tension
  • Medical conditions like arthritis and cancer
  • Minor surgery and injury
  • Excessive physical activities and exercise

Understanding the actual cause of the pain can help you to treat the pain more easily and effectively. There are various types of method available to identify the root cause of pain in the body.

Various approaches to treat pain:

  • Medication with drugs: In this technique, various chemical drugs are used to treat different types of pain. These drugs are termed as "analgesics". These analgesic drugs works in various ways, for example, Carisoprodol is a potent analgesic drug which can successfully alter the perception of brain towards the feeling of pain.
  • Acupuncture: This technique involves the insertion of tiny needles into a certain parts of the body. This will release the natural pain relieving chemical, i.e. endorphins, into the body.
  • Relaxation technique: This technique contains various stress relieving activities like yoga and meditation.
  • Heat and cold therapy: Heat packs are successfully used to treat severe musculoskeletal pain and ice pack is used to get relieve from swelling that occurs after an injury.

Soma 350mg contains Carisoprodol s its parent ingredient, which is used to treat muscular pain of the body. It is an analgesic drug and shows its therapeutic effect by inhibiting the nerve transmission.

Pain O Soma 350mg

Category of this drug: Muscle relaxant

Available dosage form of this drug: Oral tablet

Available doses of this drug: 350 and 500 mg

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Who should not take Soma 350 mg?

This drug should not be taken by an individual, who has any medical issues like hypersensitivity to this drug, epileptic disorders, severe hepatic diseases and any spinal or brain damage.

The therapeutic effect of this drug may be altered, if it is taken along with other medicines and causes drug- drug interactions. This may lead to increase in the incidence of harmful effects in an individual. These drugs are anti allergic drugs, anti depressants, other muscle analgesics and anti epileptic drugs.

How to take Soma 350 mg?

This tablet should be taken orally, twice or thrice a day for 2 to 3 weeks. This dosage form should be taken along with a full glass of water.

The maximum dose of this drug should not exceed 1400 mg per day. But the dose adjustment should be done prior giving this drug to older patients and patients with renal impairment.

Taking overdose of this drug may cause various side effects like breathing problem, changes in vision, hallucinations, muscle stiffness and seizures.

Soma should not be taken for prolong period and also don't administer excess dose of this drug than the recommended dose. This may cause withdrawal symptoms and physical dependence in an individual.