RU486 is an abortion pill and we are here discussing about abortion of early-stage pregnancy. Getting pregnant or have a baby in life is most amazing feeling of women life. However, not every woman thinks of the same or looks for abortion when she was not ready to have a baby in her life. Government has given the rights to the women for deciding either she wants baby or not. If she does not want a baby then she can pursue abortion without any shame or interference. Even though, many factors are also answerable for the abortion decision include of birth control failure, inability to care a child, to secure birth of a baby with birth defects, physical and mental condition of women and rape case. If you are the women going through any of the above-described factors and wants to have termination of your early pregnancy, then medical abortion is best choice for you. In situation of abortion, women must opt for medical abortion with the aid of RU486 abortion pills.

RU486 is the brand product of Mifepristone approved by the FDA for the termination of early pregnancy of 7 weeks. Almost 90% of women in the USA carry out medical abortion once in a year with RU486 PILLS. For the reason being abortion with RU486 is easy to execute and women can pursue abortion at her comfort level by living at home.

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Mifepristone present in the medicament belongs to the anti-progesterone class of drug. The drug main action of the mechanism is to obstruct the activity of progesterone hormone essential to hold on the pregnancy. The Mifepristone causes the lining of the uterus to shed away so that baby gets detached and expel out of the womb. It shows effectual results of 94% if taken together in combination with Misoprostol for complete termination.

Ru486 Pill pack encloses of three tablets of Mifepristone 200mg. The women pursuing abortion should have to take three tablets of 200mg all together orally on empty stomach with an enormous amount of water. After that take a rest for 2 days and then consult with a doctor for abortion verification. If still after that complete abortion did not happen, then take two tablets of Misoprostol 200mcg and visit the doctor again for confirmation of termination.

The women must experience some side effects while using RU486 pills as if breast tenderness, body pain, vomiting, stomach upset, nausea, pelvic pain, irregular bleeding, spotting, more watery discharge and headache.

Therefore, women are recommended to take complete bed rest and have to consume healthy food while abortion. Before using RU486, make sure that you do not have an ectopic pregnancy. Do not consume alcohol or avoid smoking while relying on abortion with RU486. Do not place any IUD device for the purpose of birth control during an abortion. Do not make any physical contact with a partner until complete abortion does not happen. Elude the swimming, driving, weightlifting and gym activity while abortion.

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