Erectile Dysfunction is the inability of the men to conquer sturdiness or erection to the penile organ or last the same for longer duration enough to accomplish the sensual desire that prevails either in men or in the women. If a man found himself unable to raise his organ or fails on every step to satisfy the sensual needs either of a partner or of him that the men get filled with emotion of grief, rejection, depression and humiliation and this automatically raises a question mark on the manliness of the man. This disease of ED/Impotency is none less than an emotional torture for the men, her women, and their married life or love relation.

There are umpteen factors responsible for development of disorder of Erectile Dysfunction in men such as disease diabetes, hypertension, obesity, hernia, piles, injury or surgery of the pelvic region. Other factors that worsen the disorder includes excessive of booze, caffeine intake, cigarette smoke, psychedelic drugs intake. Age is also an important factor that affects the ability of men to initiate or accomplish the sensual drive.

Lifestyle that a man live also affects his sensual ability like no exercise, derail sleeping, emotional stress due to bereavement of lover or lack of compatibility in the relation, excessive workload and other challenges that directly or indirectly develops stain in life of men such as low-earning, poor health, overdue loans on head and many other racing thoughts. Porn addiction or watching, reading or practicing cal also dump men under the disorder of impotence.

A healthy lifestyle, exercise, check on diet, tight sleep and care of kith & kin and medicine Cenforce that encloses Sildenafil citrate are the best and most effective therapy for the treatment of ED or impotence in men. The medication has a wide sale in the market of USA, UK and other reputed countries of the world, where the men are akin to themselves and their body health and know the meaning or value of sensuality in their relation.

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Cenforce is a potent PDE5 Isoenzyme inhibitor whose function is to break down cGMP. Thus, inhibition of enzyme raises the level of cGMP in tissues of men. On other when the men develop stimulation for making sensual love his organ release the chemical called NO which further plays a major in the building the concentration of cGMP in men tissues. The buildup of cGMP concentration dilates the penile blood vessels and relaxes the corpus cavernosum tissues due to which the gush of blood enter in the pelvic region that later develops the stiff, sturdy and strong erection in penile of men.

The dosing of Cenforce is available in dosing Cenforce 50mg, Cenforce 100mg, Cenforce 150mg & Cenforce 200mg, that patient has to take as per their prescription. Take this medicine with a glass full of water without crushing, breaking or chewing the dosing. You can devour the dosing with or without food in the stomach. One consumed the effect of dosing lasts in men penile for 5-6 hours. Men are suggested to not repeat the dosing before 24 hours.

Few obnoxious side effects of Cenforce that infuriate the men include flushing, diarrhea, headache, skin dryness, back pain, fastening of breath, swelling of lips, face, and feet, rashes, and irritation in the groin region and sometimes develop Priapism but only because of overdosing.

Men should avoid taking this dose if they are struggling with heart disease or taking nitrates medicine.  A person must not do smoke; take junk foods, grapefruit juice and caffeinated beverages with this therapy. Men must not drive vehicle or operate any machinery after this medicine. Medicine is not for boys <18 and men > 65 years of age.

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