Disability in your erection will hamper your as well as your partner's sensual life. All of us have dreams and one of those dreams is our sensual life. We all dream of sensual stuff until we do it. There is a vast difference in imagining and in real life. In imagination, you can do whatever you want with your partner and there is no hindrance. You make the dream according to your wish but in real life, nature lays the pathway. What sort of sensual life would you have depends on your system? Any disbalance will prove a barrier in your whole sensual life. There can be any barrier may be due to stress, tension, or anxiety. Some men lose their erection at the peak time of intimacy session and the whole session gets disturbed. Both partners could not accomplish their sensual desire. In imagination, you can control your sensual dreams but how will you control your sensual act in reality. There is a solution and that is Filitra. Filitra medication will improve your erection within few hours. You can have best ever physical intimacy with this popular drug. Filitra makes you possible to control your sensual act by wiping erection default from your life.

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VARDENAFIL is the GENERIC of FILITRA. This medication belongs to the class of Phosphodiesterase enzyme inhibitor. PDE5 enzyme brings about degradation of cGMP. There remains inadequate amount of cGMP in penile part. Poor cGMP, poor vasodilation, so poor erection. To turn poor into high use Filitra and stop the PDE5 work. Thus, there will be high cGMP amount and so vasodilation process accelerates and causes speedy blood flow through the penile region. This leads to an erection.

Some strength that are available are as Filitra 20 mg, Filitra 40 mg, and Filitra 60 mg.

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Some dosing advice:

• A person who has erection issue must begin using a single tablet of Filitra.
• Take it prior to one hour of sensual chemistry.
• The dose is to be taken with water orally.
• Next dosing time is after 24 hours of first time.

The effect stays up for longer4-5 hours and the effect begins within half an hour time. You can consume the tablet with or without meals.


• DO NEVER use if you are under 18 years
• DO NEVER use if you are using Nitrates
• DO NEVER use if you are sensitive to Vardenafil.
• DO NEVER use if you erection becomes painful.

Follow below written precautionary tips before and after usage:

• Totally stop taking grapefruit juice or alcoholic drinks, as those will lead to ill effects.
• Rich fatty food will slow down the rate of absorption of drug thus avoid fatty meals.
• Talk with your physician in case your erection becomes painful or longer.
• After the sensual engagement, you may feel dizzy so stop doing harsh activities.

Some unwanted harmful effects that are noticed are as Palpitation, Shortness of Breath, Vomiting, Nausea, Painful Erection, Flushing, Muscle Pain, and Back Pain.

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