Sometimes the soothing voice of your partner may get you an arousal and sometimes even blow job failed to get you arousal. Are you facing the second condition but ashamed of telling anyone about this? You make out plans, you decide where to go, you had even decided the flavor of condom you are going to wear to impress her. When you reached to the love making point of the trip, you found yourself under pressure of performance anxiety. You started thinking of how everything will happen, will she love the way he will do. However, nothing like that happened as you failed to get your arousal. You tried harder but your stubborn erection is still in bend position. Even after she gives her best in making your arousal but your erection remains softer. You made her disappointed and you yourself get frustrated with what all happened to you. Your mind stopped working and concentrating on other important tasks, all that was revolving is about the erection failure.

To treat your erection problems we are having an amazing solution for you in the form of Vidalista tablets. Vidalista tablets enhance your ability to perform better in bed by giving you a stiff and firm erection. The male who faces problems in attaining and keeping their erection for a longer duration, Vidalista is the best-prescribed medication for him to overcome his erection problems. Order Vidalista 40 mg tablet - Tadalafil online from our webstore - Best247Chemist

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Vidalista is composed of the generic Tadalafil, a potent PDE5 blocker drug. Tadalafil efficiently blocks the activity of the phosphodiesterase enzyme in the male body and stops the degradation of cGMP component in the male's genitals. Tadalafil boosts the concentration of cGMP that enhances the relaxation of arteries of the male reproductive system and allows the efficient amount of blood to flow towards the penile. This excess amount of blood flow helps in getting enough pressure to hold up the erection for longer.

Vidalista tablets on our website are available in Vidalista 20 mg, Vidalista 40 mg, and Vidalista 60 mg dosing strengths

A male should consume a single Vidalista tablet about 30 minutes before entering into the sensual performance. The tablet starts showing its effect within 15 minutes of its intake and remains for about 36 hours. Do not consume the second dose of Vidalista medicine within 3 days of the intake of the first one. Its intake is irrespective with food but avoids with heavy meals.

Be on safer side while taking Vidalista tablets:


  1. Maintain a distance from alcohol and grapefruit juices. 
  2. Vidalista is unsafe for the adolescents below the age of 18 years.
  3. Keep distance from other medicine to treat erection failure along with Vidalista.
  4. Do not put in routine any nitrate-containing drugs for the cardiovascular disorder.
  5. Stop the treatment with Vidalista if any allergy comes up with its ingredients.

Side effects with Vidalista:


  1. Mood swings
  2. Nausea, vomiting, headache
  3. Dizziness and drowsiness
  4. Painful erection
  5. Penile deformity
  6. Blurred vision
  7. Muscle cramps and stomach discomfort
  8. Swelling of hands and feet

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