Ella was a sophomore when she met an attack done with the purpose of snatching the penny, solitaire earrings, gold chain and other expensive accessories that she was wearing whilst returning from the anniversary party of her ex. She wore up expensive stuff that she had just made her beau jealous of her nymph look and yes with the intention to make him go crazy again. Up to some extent, she was able to sensitize the erogenous zones of her ex. But, whilst she was just about to get in her car, a gang came and pulled her out, snatches away the all expensive stuff that she has worn and then pushed her brutally over the grills of the pavement that really hits her hard and on the spot she began to bleed. While saw her bleeding the gang ran away leaving her half dead.

On next morning when she opened her eyes, she was in hospital surrounded by her kith and kin. She attempts to sit but she fails to do so and she was severely injured in her muscles. The doctor advised her complete 2 months bed rest but for months, she has struggled with that pain soaring and rushing in all parts of her body. Like a wounded Tiger, she fights back with that gang, sues them in court, and sooner gets back to her work. In her fight against the gang, the one thing that supported Ella a lot is Pain-O-Soma. Yes, you heard correct the medicine Pain-O-Soma that enables her to sit in court and complete all the proceedings until the final call was not in her favor.

 Pain-o-soma tablets

Pain-O-soma is an eminent brand that shatters the legacy of pain from the root especially the one that is associated with muscular injury, spasm, twitches, tremor, fatigue, stiffness, and ligament tearing. Not this but also manages the pain after the surgeries, operation, minor and major accidents.

Carisoprodol is the functional element that is embraced within Soma 350mg or Pain-O-Soma. The medicine falls under the pharmaceutical class of centrally acting muscle relaxant that acts by plummeting the weird the neuronal communication within the reticular formation and spinal cord and thus makes the CNS unable to sense the muscle pain. The medication causes sedation and alteration in pain perception. Hence, augments the pace of healing in injured person.

The dose regime for Pain-O-Soma is twice in a day when strength is 500mg and thrice in a day, when the strength is 350mg to be devoured twice or thrice a day as per the panic condition of pain with colossal water either in or absence of food. The maximum dose that can be taken by the patient is 1400 mg for adults and 800mg for geriatrics.

Some generalized pernicious effects of taking Pain-o-Soma includes dizziness, fatigue, insomnia, nausea, upset stomach, cough, fever, dry mouth, restlessness, confusion, and anxiety.

As prudent foresight, the patient should take care of the following:

  • Avoid riding, driving, and operation of heavy machinery with medicine to prevent any mishap or injury due to the sedative effect of medicine.
  • The pregnant and lactating mother should evade the medicine intake without the prior consultation of a physician.
  • Patients under 12 years of age should not use this medicine.
soma 350mg

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