Erectile Dysfunction is multi-dimensional, on its own it has no physical detrimental effects but when left untreated, it can have enormous negative effects on the emotional and mental health of a male and his partner as well, this condition can successfully destroy the confidence of male and his partner and make the both feel incapable and helpless. There are various cases in which it has been observed that the male generally withdraws from not just the intercourse but intimacy altogether and just this can dishonor and hamper a relationship to a great degree. Your closeness is measured by intimacy, intercourse is only something that may sum up the process but it begins with having a feeling of want to get close, but as a male knew the outcome, he knows they both would end up disappointed and he would be responsible for it, he starts to separate himself from the whole process. Unfortunately the communication is no longer available, and in such cases it gets highly likely that one or both the partner form an opinion by themselves and think of it as the real thing which might not be true such as in female partners this fells of being less beautiful or being unable to arouse the male partner grows after such events, a female may also come under the impression that her partner is no longer interested in her and is possibly having an affair. It is beneficial for the relationship and for the mental and emotional well-being that both the partners communicate and share their insecurities, share their love and emotion for each other and look at the condition in an empathetic way. After all there are so many management options available for ED, all you have to do is buy Fildena and forget everything else.

Fildena is used for the management of erectile dysfunction or impotence. This drug is used as the first line management option by many prominent physicians for its impeccable response it offers in the potent handling of this issue. Fildena acts by eradicating the dysfunctioning and gifts you a chance to make unhinged love. Sildenafil Citrate is the key therapeutic component of this medication which is FDA approved for the provided indication.  

Sildenafil falls into the category of PDE-5 inhibitors and acts accordingly by specifically blocking the PDE-5 enzyme which brings down the blood circulation and causes penile flaccidity by disintegrating cGMP. The purpose of cGMP is to encourage blood flow in the corpus cavernosum of male genital by bringing about dilation and relaxation of the blood vessels.

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Fildena is available as a tablet preparation which comes in a variety of dosing strengths such as Fildena 50 mg and Fildena 100 mg. The therapy is mostly begun with 50mg dose, though that depends on the condition of individuals. The strength of the dose can be increased by your doctor in case the provided dose fails to offer a response. Take one Fildena in a day, one hour before involving yourself in intimate activities. Take this drug with water, with or without food and in a sensually aroused state.

A few adverse effects that can bring discomfort to the users are tiredness, blurred vision, chest pain, body pain, headache, queasiness, nasal blocking, light-headedness, and stomach upset.

Preventive measures of Fildena:

  • There are certain negative effects this therapy as if taken along with alcohol and grapefruit juice, stop the consumption till you are on this medication.
  • Intake of this medication along with Nitrate therapy can bring about the sudden and severe drop in blood pressure to serious levels.  

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