Your eyes are time and again the foremost thing that individuals observe, thus you have got to make them look dramatic and more enticing! Now Latisse eye drops are available for getting longer eyelashes in the blink of an eye. Apart from lengthening the lashes, Latisse eye drops are an excellent solution to reduce high pressure in the eye, this way treats glaucoma. This ophthalmic solution is composed of Generic Bimatoprost as active formula. It must be applied topically only. Latisse eye drops: A simple hack to get longer and wider lashes!!

You can completely renovate your look. Many of you must have been overlooking your eyelashes for far too long. Stop pulling, tugging and ignoring your lash hair! Offer them slight love and you can get them lushier and bushier that you ever thought possible.

Proper eyelash growth won't just occur overnight. For this reason it's significant to note that Latisse eye drop works remarkably and gradually, with complete outcomes at week 16. Once you commence its use, you must carry on applying this topical solution every night. If you discontinue its use at any time, your lashes will return to their earlier look over a few weeks to months. You must remember that eye lash hair grow on a 2 month cycle; therefore don’t wait for seeing the results overnight. It’s certainly a slow process, its well worth the wait.

 There is just no doubt about it, Latisse eye drops is the finest way to get longer, fuller and thicker eyelashes.

 Hair (together with eyelashes) goes through a growth and a resting period. The longer the growth stage, the thicker and longer the hair becomes. How does Latisse work? Generic Bimatoprost keeps the eyelash hair in the growth (anagen) phase for an extended duration of time and promotes the switch from an inactive growth stage to an active growth stage. Latisse ophthalmic solution is the one and only treatment approved by FDA for insufficient or not having sufficient eyelashes, growing them darker and longer.

How to use Latisse eye drops?

 You are suggested to apply Latisse eye drops once per day. This eye medication should be applied with the help of sterile applicator. Put a one drop of eye medication on sterile applicator and carefully draw a thin line along the border of upper eyelid. Never apply this medicine on the lower eyelashes. Also, don't touch the tip of the sterile brush to other dirty surfaces so, as to avoid contamination. You will be happy to know that Latisse is a once-a-day eyelash treatment; you apply yourself this eye drops every evening to the base of the upper eyelashes.

 Latisse eye drops do have some side effects, the most commonly seen out of which include a burning feeling in the eyes and/or eye redness. Other less commonly seen side effects after the use of this ophthalmic solution may include darkening of the eyelid skin, itching/dryness/redness of the eyes.

 What safety measures should be followed prior to application of Latisse eye drops?

  • Avoid the use of Latisse ophthalmic solution if you have allergy to Generic Bimatoprost or any other components.
  • Don't use this medication in case you have a history of viral eye infections.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding females must refrain from the application of Latisse eye drops.
  • Always replace the sterile applicator that comes along with this medication after each use. 

One more thing you must remember is that if you want to wake up looking beautiful, you have to go to bed with a fresh and clean face. It is very essential to wipe off all your makeup at the end of the day, thus avoid skipping your nightly face washing, despite how worn-out you are. If you want your lashes to love you in return, you must clean every bit of your cosmetic before bed.

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