Not only some sort of exercise and medical issues causes muscle pain, however, some medication intake leads to an adverse reaction as to muscle pain. A few months back, Dianna cholesterol level reaches the extreme and she was prescribed with some medication, and she thought her doctor prescribed her fish oil medication as she told him that she suffer side effects previously with statins. She was taking the medication and start experiencing the muscle ache in fingers, arms, and feet. But if she asked a doctor then he just put blame on lack of exercise. Sooner she starts noticing the symptoms like flu and even not able to walk properly at night as of severe numbness in feet.

Then, she checks out on Google about every disorder that shows the muscle pain and searches out the medication name she was taking and results let her shocked completely that her doctor makes her fool and prescribed her another statin instead of fish oil. The search results revealed that stop taking medication immediately if notice muscle aches as it can lead to liver damage too. She immediately rushes to the doctor and asks for the medication change and liver test. Everything was alright and then her doctor prescribed her fish oil for cholesterol and to recover her muscle pain she was suggested with Soma medication.

Soma the medicament comprises of Carisoprodol as main working component signposted for the treatment of muscle pain. It supports the recovery of muscle spasm, muscle tension, and muscle strain. It is an immediate therapy used in amalgamation with physical exercise and respite for pain management. Furthermore, the medication works well on the muscle pain occurring as of any old injury.

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Carisoprodol fist to the muscle relaxant and deliberate to implement action on CNS for pain recovery. The drug obstructs the transmission connecting the nervous system and pain awareness to confer with a comforting effect. Therefore, it works as an anesthetizing of the central nervous system and make you feel calm and relaxing by treating the muscle ache.

Soma tablets are accessible under the dose of 350mg and 500mg. The person can start their treatment with either of the strength and medication needs to be taken orally with water. The dose of 350mg can be taken three times a day at the regular break of 5 hours a day, while the dose of 500mg needs to be ingested twice a day. In both cases, the total dose should not exceed by 1400mg in a day.

Although, the patient may notice some adverse effects as of a headache, wooziness, muscle faintness, drowsiness, sleepiness, fatigue, alertness, rashes, itching, edema, blurred vision. Therefore, it is requested to perform some sort of exercise and rest while using Soma. It would be better to avoid the alcohol while using medication. It is a short-term treatment; hence no need to stay longer on medication. If dizziness happens then avoid the attention-grabbing activities.

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