You never know what impacts on your brain. The brain is the organ that transmits the information all across the body. When you see some nude or porn stuff, your brain receives the image and that excites you. This excitation is seen, when you get an erection. Although the phenomena is simple but it gets complicated when you are stricken by any stress or tension. Due to stress, the whole chain gets disrupted. The body does not respond to what you see. Even on sensual stimulation or visual sight, your erection does not come up. The erection may be either flaccid or not at all. Lacking in erection becomes the big question to your manhood. Do not let anyone challenge your manhood. If you notice any erection failure, then never lose in bed. Keep Vidalista in your pocket. So, when you face any ED problem, use Vidalista and within few minutes get an erection. You will soon observe erect penile. You can have a sensual intimacy for a longer time with Vidalista. This medicine helps you to achieve the uttermost pleasure.

Generic of Vidalista………………….Tadalafil

Strength of Tablets……………………Vidalista 20 mg, Vidalista 40 mg, Vidalista 60 mg

Tadalafil (a phosphodiesterase enzyme inhibitor) acts by stopping the working of PDE5. PDE5 enzyme causes the breakdown of cGMP. This results in less amount of cGMP and so less vasodilation. After taking Vidalista, the PDE5 gets inhibited and there is will speed up of cGMP number. The high number will cause enough vasodilation and quick blood movements through vessels. This brings about an erection.

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Just follow the dosing pattern

Have a single tablet before 15 minutes of physical intimacy. The onset of action starts within 15 minutes and prolongs for 36 hours.

Note some important points:

  1. Have sensual arousal in order to gain the effect of this medicine.
  2. Next dosing time is after 36 hours when needed.
  3. This is solid dosage form and is taken orally with water.

Contraindications one has to keep in mind

NEVER USE if you have:

  1. An age group of below 18 years
  2. Been using Nitrates or Poppers
  3. Any hypersensitivity to its composition

TELL YOUR DOCTOR about medical conditions as mentioned below:

  1. Pulmonary hypertension, heart attack, vision loss
  2. Bleeding disorder, blood cell disorder
  3. Stomach ulcer, liver or kidney ailment
  4. Physical deformity of penile

One must also keep in mind some safety precautionary measures

  1. If you see a painful or longer erection with this drug then ask your doctor about it.
  2. Excess of fats containing food will lessen absorption rate so avoid fatty meals.
  3. Keep yourself away from grapefruit juices and alcohol as these cause worse effects.
  4. Do not take more than recommended by your doctor. 

Some common ill effects that may get elevated with the usage of Vidalista are tingly feeling, warmth, headache, nausea, stuffy nose, back pain, muscle pain, pain in legs and arms, and stomach upset.

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