Women all around the whole world wish to look beautiful and stunning every time. Having thick, dark and long eyelashes is one of the big dreams of women. Eyes are the window of the soul and eyelashes acts as a highlighter, which highlight the beauty of the eyes.  Eyelashes are normally grown on the border of upper and lower eyelids. They are one of the first things that other notice when they look and meet you first time.

Individuals with thin eyelashes always try to use lots of cosmetic products and artificial eyelash enhancer available in the market. But, the main problem with these methods is that they give temporary result and the chemicals containing these products can cause harmful effects like itching, irritation and affect the natural growth of eyelashes.

So, to overcome all these problems, Careprost eye drop is one of the best and effective ophthalmic preparations is available in the market, which effectively treat your short or deficiency of eyelashes. This solution has the ability to make your eyelashes more attractive by making them longer, thicker and darker. You will surely get good looking and dazzling eyelashes within few days after regular application of this eye drop.


What is hypotrichosis?

Deficiency or shortage of eyelashes is considered as hypotrichosis and it is mainly caused due to deficient working of natural prostaglandin, allergy to certain cosmetic products, daily pulling or twisting hair of eyelids, presence of bacteria and microorganism on the eyelids.

Application of mascara, eyeliner and eye kajal may disturb the proper growth of eyelashes as its harmful chemicals can cause itching, irritation and redness of eyes.

Due to this disorder, you face various problems like unattractiveness face or your beautiful look transform to bad. Due to these problems, female always feel embarrass or humiliation to talk with anyone.

How does Bimatoprost works?

Generic Bimatoprost is a main pharmaceutical ingredient found in this drug and it provides nutrition for the stimulation of growth of the hair root cells of eyelashes. This ingredient reaches deep into the bulbs of the hair root and upgrade thickness, darkness and length of eyelashes.

Generic Bimatoprost is also indicated in managing the glaucoma and its inducing symptoms. It shows its action against glaucoma by decreasing the elevated pressure within the eyes.

The desired result of this medication is usually not visible until it has been used continuously for 14 to16 weeks.  If you stop applying this medication, the eyelash will gradually returns to their original appearance.

How to apply Careprost in correct way?

  • Before using this eye drop, wash your eyes and face with sufficient amount of water. 
  • Put a one drop of eye medication on sterile applicator and slightly draw a thin line along the margin of upper eyelid without touching into the lower eyelid.
  • Wipe out the excess liquid with clean tissue or cotton.
  • Repeat same procedure to the next eye.

To get the maximum result, you will apply this eye drop on a regular basis for 14to16 weeks after that, you reduce the application 1to2 times in a week to maintain the desired length.

Keep some important points in your mind-

  • This eye drop should be applied with the help of sterile applicator and after every use discard the applicator.
  • Store this eye drop in cool and away from the direct contact of heat, sunlight and humidity.
  • Remove your all eye makeup and contact lens before using this eye drop.

While applying this eye drop, you face some adverse effects like eye itching, irritation, redness and iris color change.

How can you purchase Careprost eye drop?

Now, you can easily buy Careprost eye drop online without going chemist shop and market. Grasp more discounts, fastest shipping, secure payment option and home delivery services by online shopping of medicines.