You look towards anyone with your eyes. Eyes are the doorways to your heart. While talking with anyone, your eyes reflect what you are saying. Most of the work of expression is played by your eyes. To have effective communication, eyes must be kept beautiful and magnificent. Some people have a lack of eyelashes, those people feel less confident while talking. In order to have glamorous eyes, girls put on eye make-up to catch up the glimpse. When they have to go out with their boyfriend, they use eye make-up to thicken their eyelashes. It takes a lot of time to have eye make-up. Even those make-up spread when you wash your eyes. Your kajal or mascara cannot stay for a longer time. It is better to have a permanent solution to brighten up your eyelashes.

Latisse eye drops are the best way to enrich growth of your eyelash. After you apply Careprost / Latisse eye drops, you will observe the change in your eyelashes within few weeks of its usage. This medication is been highly sold out worldwide for hypotrichosis (a disorder in which there is a lack of eyelashes). Latisse eye drops are specially designed for gaining attractive eyes. It's important ingredient is Bimatoprost that works upon eyelash growth. It lengthens, thickens, and increases the density of eyelashes.

Careprost Eye Drops

Working of Bimatoprost: Bimatoprost (prostaglandin analog) shows its mechanism by acting upon the growth anagen phase of an eyelash hair cycle. It causes a rise in the length of an eyelash. It speeds up the number of hairs in a growth phase. There will be a little growth within four weeks but complete growth will be seen in 16 weeks.

Dosing steps of Latisse eye drop: When you apply eye drops, keep your hands clean, and later squeeze a drop on the applicator. Start applying it through the base of an upper eyelash of both eyes. Make your eyes close for few minutes so that solution is applied to lower eyelashes. Absorb excess of the solution with tissue paper. Use it once in a day before you go to slumber.

Some contradictory factors and precautions to follow with Latisse eye drop: When you are using any other eye drop then maintain an interval of five minutes between any two different eye drops. Prevent touching the tip of applicator and bottle, as it causes contamination of the whole solution. Never apply if you have allergies with Bimatoprost. Remove out your contact lenses and insert them back after keeping a gap of 15 min when you use Bimatoprost. Report your doctor if you had earlier an eye surgery or eye inflammation. Never forget to use sterile applicator always.

Some harmful effects you may observe with Latisse eye drops: Vision changes, redness, itching of eye, dryness, mild burning of the eye, feeling of something in the eye, eye discharge, sensitivity to light, or darkening of eyelid skin.

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