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Restasis Ophthalmic Emulsion - Cyclosporine Eye Solution

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Restasis Ophthalmic Emulsion - Cyclosporine Eye Solution

CYCLOSPORINE (SYE-kloe-spor-een)

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Increased inflammation in the eye leads to the reduction in the production of tears in the eye. The condition chronic dry eye comes with a number of symptoms including the blurring of vision, redness in the eye, sensitivity to light, difficulty in wearing contact lenses, burning sensation in the eye. Restasis eye drops comprising of generic Cyclosporine works efficiently in increasing the tear production in the eye.  

Quantity Strength Price Unit Price
1 Pack Restasis 0.05% Ophthalmic Solution - 1 Pack of 30 vials $87.18 $87.18
2 Pack Restasis 0.05% Ophthalmic Solution - 1 Pack of 30 vials $162.36 $81.18
1 Bottle Cyclosporine 0.05% Ophthalmic Solution $34.59 $34.59
3 Bottle Cyclosporine 0.05% Ophthalmic Solution $85.77 $28.59
1 Bottle Cyclosporine 0.10% Ophthalmic Solution $43.40 $43.40
3 Bottle Cyclosporine 0.10% Ophthalmic Solution $112.19 $37.40

Mechanism of Action of Restasis eye drop:

Cyclosporine falls in the category of immunosuppressant drug that helps in suppressing the inflammation process in the human eye. Cyclosporine works by suppressing ocular inflammation that is supposed to be associated with keratoconjunctivitis sicca.

Method of using Restasis eye drops:

Do tilt your head back slightly and put the drops in the small pocket made by pulling down your lower eyelid. Drop the eye drop keeping the dropper away from the eye with a sterile container. Close your eyes for two to three minutes and do not blink your eyes. Gently press the inside corner of the eye for a minute so that the liquid does not drain out.

Contradictory conditions with Restasis eye drop:

Any person should not use Restasis eye drop into the eyes if he is allergic to any of the component of the medicine. Restasis eye drops are contradictory in the patient below the age of 16 years.

Storage conditions:

Do keep the container with the medicine at room temperature away from moisture and heat. Do not freeze the medicine. When not in use do keep the bottle tightly closed to avoid its contamination.

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Dosing scheme for Restasis eye drop:

Each 1 ml of Restasis contains 0.5 mg of Cyclosporine. A single drop of Restasis eye drop is sufficient to be instilled twice in the infected eye. The gap between two dosing time should be 12 hours apart.

Side effects with Restasis eye drop:

Anyone using Restasis eye drops into the eye can come in contact with some of the side problems of the medicine including

  • Mild burning or sensation
  • Blurring of vision
  • Feeling of something in the eye
  • Mild itching or redness into the eye
  • Swelling of eye
  • Pain in the eye

Preventive tips with Restasis eye drop:

  • Stop using the medication with Restasis eye drop if the color of the liquid changes.
  • Do not use Restasis eye drop if already wearing contact lenses. 
  • About 15-minute gaps should be given after instilling the drops to wear contact lenses. 
  • Any other eye drop should be instilled in the eye only after consulting the doctor.
  • Soon after the dropping of the medicine in the eye, do not come in direct contact with sunlight. 
  • Do use the medicine with clean and wash hands and avoid any contact with foreign dust particle with the eye. 
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should use the medicine only if advised by the doctor.