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Filagra Sublingual

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Buy Filagra 100mg - Generic Sildenafil Citrate

Filagra 100mg Generic Sildenafil Citrate

Starting from $0.90

Overview about Filagra 100mgspan>

Filagra 100mg is used for the management of erectile dysfunction in males. The active compound of this drug works very fast and the action this drug will stay up to long time. This drug improves overall erotic dysfunctions in men. Filagra 100 mg is responsible to increase the blood flow to the penis by relaxing the smooth muscles of cavernosum and brings the erection longer time.

Quantity Strength Price Unit Price
40 Tablets Filagra Sublingual-Sildenafil Professional 100mg $45.00 $1.13
60 Tablets Filagra Sublingual-Sildenafil Professional 100mg $60.00 $1.00
100 Tablets Filagra Sublingual-Sildenafil Professional 100mg $90.00 $0.90

Filagra 100mg contains Generic Sildenafil citrate is the active pharmaceutical ingredient. This active compound comes under the category of an inhibitor of phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5). PDE5 is the enzyme and responsible for the various functions. Apart from that it controls the flow of blood in the penile region. The main function of this drug is to reduce the amount of PDE5 enzymes which is responsible for the extra blood circulation in the penis. So that penis gets more erect and you can achieve the satisfactory relaxation during the sexual activity.

Uses of Filagra 100mg

  • It is used for the erectile dysfunction in men
  • It treats impotency
  • It also treats the premature ejaculation

Drug Interaction of Filagra 100mg

Some drugs frequently interacted with this drug and alter the action of Filagra 100mg

  • Antifungal drug like itraconazole, fluconazole
  • Angiotensin-converting-enzyme (ACE) inhibitor such as captopril and benazepril
  • Anti-ulcer drug like cimetidine and ranitidine
  • Anti-blood coagulant drug like warfarin
  • Calcium channel blockers such as Verapamil, Gallopamil and Diltiazem
  • Antifungal drug such as fenticonazole, miconazole, butoconazole and econazole
  • Antibiotic drugs such as erythromycin, amoxicillin
  • Alpha blockers like alfuzosin, Doxazosin, Prazosin and Tamsulosin
  • Nitrate drug like nitrogylcein

Contraindication Conditions of Filagra 100mg

Some physical condition and drugs are contraindicated with Filagra 100mg

  • Hypersensitive reaction and allergic reactions
  • Liver and kidney problems
  • Heart attacks and stroke conditions
  • If any patient suffer from irregular heart beat and angina pectoris
  • If you any type of eye problems
  • If you have blood related problems like anaemia and sickle cell anaemia
  • If you have controlled blood pressure and high blood pressure

Storage condition of Filagra 100mg

  • Keep away from the children and pets
  • Store it cool and dry and place
  • Store it at the room temperature
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Dosages of Filagra 100mg

This dose is available in the solid form. You should take it with water and 20-30 minutes before the intimacy.

Miss Dose of Filagra 100mg

There is no chance of the miss the dose because it takes when you need this drug.

Over Dose of Filagra 100mg

Do not uses overdose the drug it can harm you seriously. In case you have taken the extra amount of the drug consult your doctor.

Side Effects of Filagra 100mg

Possible side effects while use Filagra 100mg

  • The most frequent side effects occur when you use this drug like dizziness, drowsiness, headaches etc.
  • Patient may feel faint like symptoms.
  • Sometime it produces stomach upset, irritation in the stomach, bowel syndrome and indigestion may occur.
  • It can also produce the muscle pain, back pain etc.
  • In some serious condition it may produce heartburn, heavy feeling in chest and chest pain.
  • Filagra can produce the pain in the shoulder and in other areas.
  • It produces red faces and itching on the skin
  • Excessive sweating may occur due to use of filagra

Precautions of Filagra 100mg

Precaution should be taken before the sue of Filagra 100mg

  • Females should not use Filagra 100mg
  • Young age male should not take Filagra 100mg
  • Allergic patient should not take Filagra 100mg
  • If you have erection not more than 4 hours do not take Filagra 100mg
  • Low blood pressure patients should avoid the use Filagra 100mg
  • Grapefruit and grape juice should be avoided with use Filagra 100mg