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Buy Librium 25mg Tablets - Generic Chlordiazepoxide 25mg Tablets

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Buy Librium 25mg Tablets - Generic Chlordiazepoxide 25mg Tablets

Generic Chlordiazepoxide 25mg Tablets

Starting from $1.72

Librium 25mg (Chlordiazepoxide) is used in the treatment of anxiety and acute alcohol withdrawal. Chlordiazepoxide is a benzodiazepine which acts on central nervous system to produce a calming effect.

Quantity Strength Price Unit Price
60 Tablets Librium 25mg Tablets - Generic Chlordiazepoxide 25mg Tablets $128.70 $2.15
100 Tablets Librium 25mg Tablets - Generic Chlordiazepoxide 25mg Tablets $186.90 $1.87
200 Tablets Librium 25mg Tablets - Generic Chlordiazepoxide 25mg Tablets $343.20 $1.72

Brief description on Librium 25mg

Librium 25mg Tablet is a prominent brand of generic Chlordiazepoxide, which is especially indicated for the treatment of moderate to severe anxiety. Generic Chlordiazepoxide categorized under the class of Benzodiazepines. A feeling of worry, uneasiness, nervousness and fear about with undefined consequences is referred as anxiety. Moreover, Librium is also prescribed to manage alcohol withdrawal symptoms and anxiety before undergoing for surgical process.

Working action of Librium 25mg Tablets

Generic Chlordiazepoxide effectively works by slowing down the movement of chemicals in the brain, which results in reduction of nervous tension and muscle spasm. Librium exhibits functions as a CNS depressant, which leads sedative and calmness.

Dosing routine of Librium 25mg Tablets

Librium oral tablet formulation is meant to be administered via oral route with a full glass of water. The dose of Librium is always taken in prescribed manner as overdose of Librium may cause drug dependence effects, which may be risky for your health.

For treating anxiety disorder- Librium 25 mg for 2–3 times day-to-day and the maximum dose of Librium is 30mg, if needed but in divided doses.

For severe symptoms of anxiety- Librium 20 mg is taken for 2–4 times on a regular basis. The maximum dose should be administered 250 mg every day in divided doses.

Contraindications conditions of Librium 25mg Tablets

Under certain medical conditions, the consumption of Librium is strictly inadvisable like-

  • Hypersensitivity towards generic Chlordiazepoxide
  • In case of renal or hepatic disorder, cardiac disorder, glaucoma and breathing problem
  • In case of muscle disorder, lung problem and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
  • In case of breastfeeding and pregnancy, the use of Librium is strictly not recommended.

Drug interactions of Librium 25mg Tablets

Certain drugs may interact with Librium like-

Rifampin, Azole derivatives like Ketoconazole, Fluconazole, Miconazole, Sodium oxybate, Valproic acid, Clozapine, Hydantoin, Phenytoin, Haloperidol, Amoxapine, Amitriptyline, and Imipramine.

Side effects of Librium 25mg Tablets

At the time of administration of Librium, individual may face various adverse effects like weakness, constipation, drowsiness, loss of appetite, dry mouth, unclear vision, severe headache, and restlessness.

Precautionary measures while taking Librium 25mg Tablets

  • Smoking and intake of alcohol is not recommended with Librium as it may cause drowsiness effects and influence your ability to work.
  • Immediate end of intake of Librium is not recommended as it may cause withdrawal symptoms like nausea, drug obese, severe headache, drowsiness and stomach pain. So, to prevent from withdrawal symptoms, you should gradually reduce the dose of Librium.
  • After intake of Librium, you should avoid driving and attention required activities as it may affect your power of concentration and cause dizziness effects.
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