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Vibra-Doxicip 100-Doxycycline 100mg

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Vibra-Doxicip 100-Doxycycline 100mg

Doxicip 100-Doxycycline 100mg

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Vibra is a prospective medication that is recurrently used for the management of different kinds of bacterial infection such as acne, eye infections, gonorrhea, Chlamydia, periodontitis (gum disease), lung infections, urinary tract infections, intestinal infections, and others. It is an orally consumed medication encloses of Doxycycline as the chief active ingredient. Vibra can also be used to treat blemishes, bumps, and acne-like lesions caused by Rosacea. Some form of Vibra tablets is also used for the treatment of malaria, or infection caused by mites. 

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32 Tablet/s  Vibra-Doxicip 100-Doxycycline 100mg $12.00 $0.38
64 Tablet/s  Vibra-Doxicip 100-Doxycycline 100mg $16.00 $0.25
96 Tablet/s  Vibra-Doxicip 100-Doxycycline 100mg $18.00 $0.19

Action mechanism of Vibra 100mg

Vibra (Doxycycline) comes beneath the course group of medication called as tetracycline antibiotics. It executes its therapeutic action by connecting to the 30s ribosomal unit and consequently prevents the amino cycle tRNA to mRNA-ribosome complex. Doxycycline also obstructs the protein synthesis. Thus, it stops the growth of bacteria and cares for non-gonococcal urethritis and cervicitis, exacerbations of bronchitis in patients with COPD, and adult periodontitis.

Conflicted factors of Vibra tabs

  • You should not take Vibra if you are allergic to the Doxycycline or any other component.
  • You should not take Vibra if you are suffering from liver, kidney, asthma, sulfite allergy, and the problem of increased pressure inside the skull.
  • Do not take Vibra tabs if you are taking Carbamazepine, Phenobarbital, phenytoin, or a blood thinner.

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Dosage administration of Vibra tabs 100mg

The suggested dose of Vibra is 100mg, accessible as tablet dosage form. You have to take this medication orally with a full glass of water. In the prevention or betterment of more severe infections (predominantly chronic infections of the urinary tract), a dose of 100 mg after every 12 hours is recommended. For a diverse kind of infection, the dose of Vibra varies from person to person and depends on the clinical situation of the patient. Consult the doctor before taking this medication. You have to consume medication with food or milk if you experience stomach upset.

Adverse effects of Vibra tabs

The intake of Vibra tabs may cause some adverse effects like as of swollen glands, body aches, skin rash or itching, upset stomach, nausea, vomiting, mild diarrhea, vaginal itching or discharge.

Safety measures of Vibra Tabs

  • Do not take Vibra tabs if you are pregnant or breastfeeding to the baby without doctor consultation. 
  • If you are taking birth control pills, then take the extra method of prevention as Vibra tabs decrease the birth control effectiveness. 
  • Avoid the intake of alcohol while taking a dose of Vibra tabs.
  • The use of Vibra tabs is prohibited in children as it may cause permanent yellowing of teeth. 
  • Do not consume iron supplements, multivitamins, calcium supplements, antacids, or laxatives within 2 hours before or after consuming doxycycline.
  • If diarrhea takes place, stop taking the Vibra tabs, as it is a sign of any other kind of infection.